Government Liability

At AlderLaw we pride ourselves in our expertise in taking on the government when a person is needlessly harmed. This is a highly specialized area of practice. Your attorney needs to understand the specialized and different rules. The government enjoys many, many immunities that requires an experienced and sophisticated lawyer to understand. Add to that that you are taking on the most powerful groups in the country.  At AlderLaw we have no fear of pursuing a claim against the government.

We handle cases of all types against the federal government, state governments, counties, cities and municipalities, including their various entities and agencies. This may include transportation agencies, hospitals, police departments and fire departments. We also handle cases and claims against the various Indian tribes.

At AlderLaw we specialize in cases involving catastrophic injury and loss of life. When these tragedies happen as a result of some failure of a government agency or employee, AlderLaw will step in to represent the victims. We handle cases involving dangerous conditions of public property, cases in which negligent government employees have harmed or killed people, dangerous roadway conditions, dangerous and defective construction zones, police use of excessive force, negligent drivers and operators of all kinds, including municipal bus operators.

An injured person or the family of someone who has been killed has a short time frame if they wish to pursue a claim. Contact us immediately at 310.275.9131 if you need to discuss a potential case.