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Personal Injury Overview

personal injury lawyer los angelesWhen a person is injured due to someone else’s negligence, that person is entitled to be compensated for all of his or her damages. Insurance companies fight against fair compensation for injured people and have attempted to poison the jury pool, claiming that most lawsuits are frivolous. AlderLaw has a long history of success both in settlement conferences and at trial and this reputation is critical to getting insurance companies to pay attention to your claim and fully compensate you.

Hiring the right attorney matters. One of the most important factors in whether the insurance company will treat you fairly and give you full value for your claim is how successful your lawyer has been in forcing insurance companies to “pay up” in the past. Click here to see some of our recent verdicts.

AlderLaw has significant experience in litigating claims where clients have sustained life-changing injuries. In most cases, the insurance company refuses to pay an injured person the compensation he or she deserves. Our personal injury firm has the manpower and the financial resources to take on large insurance carriers and not back down until a just and fair resolution is achieved for our clients.

Each and every AlderLaw client has at least two attorneys, a paralegal, and a secretary assigned to his or her case, ensuring that each client receives personal attention and that all aspects of the case are handled in a timely manner. AlderLaw works closely with our clients to make sure they receive the medical treatment they need and that they are evaluated by highly competent and well-respected expert medical providers.

AlderLaw maintains an extensive library of research on, and prior testimony from, most of the experts used by the insurance industry. This library, plus Mr. Alder’s extensive personal experience with most of these witnesses in deposition and at trial, allows AlderLaw to vigorously cross-examine these experts and expose them as one-sided advocates for the defendant – not unbiased truth tellers, as they claim to be. At the same time, AlderLaw works hard to hire the best and the brightest engineers in the accident reconstruction field to show the jury what truly happened in the accident.

AlderLaw’s superior technology is an important edge, and we often present animated recreations of the accident so the jury can see for themselves exactly what happened, and why the plaintiff’s version of events is the correct one. Clear and easy to understand demonstrative evidence – such as animation, video, photographs or illustrations of the accident scene – goes a long way towards winning a trial.

AlderLaw has a proven track record of taking insurers and big business to trial and winning big verdicts.

Personal Injury Results


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Settlement –  Premises Liability


Settlement –  Smoke Inhalation


Verdict –  Smoke Detector Failure

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