Very high standards and ethics for this attorney.

Mr. Alder is one of the hardest working attorneys in the world. Mr. Alder made me feel very comfortable in his office and made me feel like a human being once again after the injury I suffered. Mr. Alder and the co-counsels went above and beyond to ensure I was always kept up to date with the law, legal proceedings and everything that was going on with my personal injury case. I was advised every step of the way of how the law works. Overall Mr. Alder and his staff and Glotzer and Sweat LLP (co- counsels) made me comfortable during this entire ordeal. Very high standards and ethics for this attorney. When you meet with him, his approach and tone of voice make you feel very comfortable. Especially when you have suffered a traumatic injury like I did. I admire Mr. Alder for both his legal and philanthropic work.

Richard M. - Client

Michael Alder is a great trial attorney.

Michael Alder is a great trial attorney. He uses his knowledge, people skills and technology to obtain the facts, testimony and evidence to win your case. Mike Alder is always helping his fellow attorneys. Mike Alder is a great choice for an attorney to win your case for the most money possible.

Kyle Scott - Auto Accident Lawyer

Confidence and hard work pay off - Mike Alder and Marni Folinsky do it again!

I just want to say thank you very much for your confidence and all the help and work you put on my case.

Rosi G. - Client